3 Perfect Faith-Based Christmas Gifts For Kids

Have you been searching high and low for a faith-based Christmas present for a little one? Well, your journey ends here. Below are three faith-friendly gifts that any kid will love. Not only will these gifts entertain your kids, but they will also teach them stories from the Bible.

A Christmas Odyssey – 12 Audio Stories

This CD has over 4 hours of listening entertainment that will help teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas. This would be perfect for listening to before bedtime or even in a car. In a day when everyone is entertained visually why not let your child learn to use their imagination by listening to the story instead of watching.

Product Summary

Forget those serene manger images you see on Christmas cards. A Christmas Odyssey revisits the Christmas story as Connie and Eugene “crash” Bethlehem for Jesus’ birth. “Silent Night?” Hardly!

Then zoom back to the present for a Kids’ Radio reenactment that’s too close for comfort: “Mary” goes into premature labor! There’s enough drama to go around for several Christmases. Or multiple replays. Whichever comes first.

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Imagination Station Series Books

Voyage with the Vikings

The books in the Imagination Station series have sold over 750,000 copies. Get the first book in the series this Christmas without breaking your budget. It’s only $4.99! When kids step into the Imagination Station, they experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure and excitement. Each book will whisk the reader away on the adventure with cousins Patrick and Beth to embark on a new journey around the world and back in time.

Product Summary

While visiting Mr. Whittaker at Whit’s Soda Shoppe, Beth and Patrick find a mysterious letter in the Imagination Station requesting a Viking sunstone. The letter is old and says that someone named Albert will be imprisoned if the sunstone isn’t found. Mr. Whittaker sends cousins Patrick and Beth to Greenland circa 1000. On their quest for the sunstone, the cousins meet Vikings Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson—and find the sunstone as they join Leif on his first voyage to North America. But the adventure is just beginning, for when they return to Mr. Whittaker’s workshop with the sunstone, there is another note waiting for them, requesting a silver goblet.

Join Patrick and Beth as they continue their travel to various lands and time in the Imagination Station book series.

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Inferno In Tokyo

This is the latest book in the Imagination Station series. These chapter books make great stocking stuffers or you could even get them in packs. There is action, history, and faith in every adventure!

Product Summary

The Imagination Station has been malfunctioning for several adventures now, handing out the wrong gifts and traveling unexpected paths. Patrick and Beth must use their courage, strength, and resilience to help others and survive dangers as they travel through time and space and get caught up in the 1923 earthquake, tsunami, and fire that devastated Tokyo, Japan.

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The Adventure Begins – 12 Classic Stories

This is a great gift to get your kid started on an entire series. This is a 12 story classic to listen to before bed, during a car ride or even on a quiet evening. Listen with your kids or let them listen alone and hear their excitement as they retell you some of the adventures! Every Adventure in Odyssey story teaches biblical lessons and are great conversation starters for families.

Product Summary

The Adventure begins! Welcome to a small town called Odyssey—where big things happen! These 12 classic shows laid the foundation for the lively characters and heartwarming stories that are the hallmark of Adventures in Odyssey. It’s a great place for new listeners to start, and longtime fans can relive the whimsical history!

The Gold series includes bonus tracks, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes details!

Volume 1 contains the following stories (and themes):

  • Whit’s Flop (The very first episode!)
  • A Member of the Family 1 & 2 (We meet Whit’s family)
  • The Life of the Party (Acceptance)
  • Connie Comes to Town (We meet Connie Kendall)
  • Recollections (Whit’s End)
  • Gifts for Madge and Guy (A Christmas fable)
  • The Day after Christmas (Loving one another year round)
  • Promises, Promises (New Year’s resolutions)
  • Nothing to Fear (Courage in God)
  • The Tangled Web (Dishonesty)
  • A Change of Hart (Salvation)

Listen to a free audio sample or purchase here


Enjoy these gifts and feel good that your kids are getting something they will enjoy and help instill worthy values in them.

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