3 Video Posts Your Church Should Be Adding To Social Media Every Week

We’ve all seen just how far a great and well edited social media clip can take an account. All it takes is one viral video for your church’s social media account to explode. The question is what should your video entail. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, or Tiktok, having a social media presence is important for any church to remain connected with the younger generation. 93% of companies are using social media as a means of marketing and outreach have seen substantial growth. So what really are the best videos churches can use for a larger impact on social media? 

Weekly Short Devotional

One way a church could expand the reach of their social media accounts is by posting a weekly short devotional. These devotional topics can be unique yet relatable so people are more likely to share it with their friends and loved ones. By spreading devotional topics through social media you will in turn reach people that don’t currently attend your church. One way to do this is to focus on one Bible verse and do a short devotional around that scripture.

When you go to instagram you don’t have to look far for great examples.  One example is a post from Kenny Vaughan with Shields of Strength.  Kenny raises new questions Christian may ask about their faith and real life situations and how to handle them. His account has reached high volumes of success with over one hundred thousand followers in counting.

Clips From The Past Weeks Sermon

Learning often comes from repetition. Highlighting some of the key points from the past weeks sermon in short clips is essential in helping your congregation to retain what they heard the first time. Additionally, these clips are the very best way to introduce new members of your community to your church. People are used to sampling things in small bite-sized ways in today’s world and are far less likely to watch a full sermon when trying to find a new Church.

One church that is doing Sermon Clips effectively is Cumberland Fellowship church in Crossville, Tennessee. Watch how Pastor Sam Tollett reinforces his Sunday sermon message with a clip below. (Learn how to make these Sermon Clips yourself)

Your Weekly Announcements

The average church attender only attends church a little over 2 times per month. While this is disappointing, your Church can still communicate upcoming events using Social Media. Taking the announcement section of your weekly Church service and turning into a clip will help your congregation to not miss out on important information.

How is your Church doing with video? Video is becoming a more and more important form of communication each and every year. The best way to get better on your video outreach is to not put it off any further!

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