3 Ways To Pray Over Your Child Today

3 Ways To Pray Over Your Child Today

Here are 3 prayers that you can pray over your child today.


That Jesus Will Call Them

I love the idea of praying for children to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. We know that salvation is fully a work of God (Eph 2:8-9) but we also know that God’s will is that all should come to repentance and faith in Christ (1 Tim, 2:4) so when you pray for your children to be saved we know that this is God’s will and so pray for them in this way; Oh righteous Father, please send Your Spirit to convict my children of their sin and to see their need for You and the Son of God as their Savior. We know that this is Your will and I so desire, as You do as well, that they might be saved and put their trust in Christ and this will bring You glory. In Jesus Righteous Name I pray, amen.

That Prodigals Will Repent and be Saved

There may be nothing more heartbreaking than to have children grow up in the knowledge of the Lord and thinking that they were saved only to leave home and abandon their faith. Is there anything more painful than knowing that your children are living in a sinful lifestyle and that they are far from the Lord? Pray for these prodigals and never give up. I heard of one mother who prayed for 35 years and her son finally repented and put his trust in Christ so pray like this; Please help me Lord to have the faith to keep on praying and never give up, even though he/she is not living in obedience to You right now. Please forgive me where I fell short in raising my prodigal when he/she was young. Please help me to persevere and continue to pray in the hopes that they might return to You and once more live a life that is pleasing to You. In Jesus Holy Name, amen.

That God Will Keep them from Temptations and Sin

We know that there are wicked spirits in high places and that the Enemy would love nothing more than to bring down your children and cause them to stumble into serious sin. Christian parents, you must realize that your children have a bulls eye on them and Satan and his minions would love nothing more than to have them fall into his traps. We know that God loves our children more than we do so pray like this; Father, You love our child[ren] more than we do so please help them to avoid things, places, or people that might cause them to be tempted and fall into sin. I beg You to not allow them to be in situations where they might cave into peer pressure and convict them with Your Spirit to avoid sinning and have Your ways brought to mind when they consider doing something sinful. I pray these things in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Don’t ever stop praying for your children. God never gives up on us and He never gives up on our children either. Pray that, if they haven’t yet been saved, that they might believe in Jesus Christ, that if they are prodigals, that they will repent and return again to the Lord, and to keep them away from tempting situations where they might sin and convict them by His Spirit to stop before they do.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman



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