4 Clues He Is Not The One That God Has Planned For You

Here are four clues that he is not the one who God has planned for you.


If you’re friends with a guy but notice that he acts differently in public, especially around his friends, than he does with you in private, that’s a bit troubling. That shows that they have two different faces (at least) in life; one for you and another for the public. There might even be a third, but someone that acts like this is a strong clue that they’re not right for you.


Whoever is a narcissist is someone who is basically in love with themselves. The center of our galaxy is the sun, but for the narcissist, the whole universe seems to revolve around them. If something goes wrong, then it brings a crisis into their universe, and someone in their universe could get hurt. If that’s what the person is like, you probably know that they’re not the right person for you.


This one really concerns me. Too often, people put up with the anger of their boyfriend or girlfriend because they’re afraid they’ll lose them. If you see flashes of anger and a temporary loss of good judgment (like breaking things), then this is a strong clue that God has probably not brought them into your life…at least not yet. God can work within any human heart, but He wouldn’t expect you to be around someone who has flashpoints and could hurt someone.


Most people like sports and movies, but when these things become an obsession, you could come find yourself in a relationship where you’re second, or third in the order of this guy’s attention. If you see a man spend an inordinate amount of time on video games, music, movies, or the Internet, you might have someone who’s interested in entertaining themselves more than entering into a serious relationship with someone.


Of course, we haven’t forgotten the guys because these four clues could apply to either a man or a woman. We have another devotional for them, but any man or woman who you know that is living two lives, is totally self-absorbed, has bouts of anger, and has obsessions over one or more things, then he may not be the one who God has planned for you.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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