4 Lies the World Tells Us About Sex

4 Lies The World Tells Us About Sex

Here are four lies that the world will tell us about sex.


It’s Normal

Many state that since God made us as sexual beings, it is perfectly normal to express our sexuality. I agree, but only if it is within the confines of marriage. There are different destinations for those who live in sexual immorality (Rev. 21:8), with one being a much different and much better destination for those who live a life of holiness (Rev. 22). It is not normal to have sex outside of marriage; it is abnormal, in fact.

You’re Entitled

This lie is also an often-used line by those who seek to have sex outside of marriage. The truth is that we all deserve the wrath of God, but He died for all who repent and trust in Him. If a person has actually repented, this means that they have turned their back on their former lifestyle of sin and have forsaken their sins. No one who still lives in sin can claim to have any assurance of their salvation (1 John 3).

If You Love Me, You Will

I have counseled many couples, and one of the most frequent things I hear is that a woman’s boyfriend says, “If you love me, you’ll have sex with me.” In actuality, the very opposite is true. If he loved you, he would wait for marriage to have sex because the marriage bed is undefiled (Heb. 13:4). All sex outside of marriage is an abomination to God, regardless of what a man might say because just as Paul said, “I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God” (Gal. 5:21).

Everyone Else Is Doing It

No, not everyone else is doing it. When I was in high school, the boys who had not been with a girl before were deemed out of the ordinary and that something must be wrong with them when the truth is, everything is right about them. Some of the vulgar and debased language used about women in the locker rooms is just horrendous. If these women could have heard what these young men were saying, bragging about having so and so and wearing it like a badge of honor, I am sure they would have been disgusted.


There are more than just these four lies about having sex outside of marriage. The lies that it is perfectly normal; that they’re entitled to it; that if you really loved them, you’d have sex with them; and that everyone else is doing it are straight out of the pit of hell.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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