4 Small Surprises That Will Cheer Up Your Spouse

4 Small Surprises That Will Cheer Up Your Spouse

Here are four small surprises that will cheer up your spouse.

Surprise Dinner

Why not surprise your spouse with an unannounced dinner. For the guys, it might be surprising her with one of her favorite meals, either prepared at home by you or out at her favorite restaurant. The same thing goes for the women, who can prepare his favorite meal or offer to take him out for dinner. Why not splurge together as a couple, at least once a month. Life is too short to constantly be counting pennies.

Do a Chore for Them

I love to do things around the house. We don’t necessarily divide chores in the house. She wants to do the laundry, but I can do the dishes, clean out the litter box, or vacuum the living room. My wife once swept out the garage where my car is parked. She didn’t say anything about it. When I went to leave, I discovered it was swept clean. In turn, I did the same, but I always try to find things that are physically demanding for her to do and then do them without telling her about it. Love is a verb–it’s not so much words but what you do.

A Surprise Gift

I love receiving unexpected gifts from my wife, and the great thing is that I don’t see it coming. That makes it ever greater. Sometimes I just bring home flowers for a “no occasion” gift. These might be the best because they don’t expect them. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and I don’t think your spouse would care about the value because it’s the idea that you thought of them, which is a gift in itself.

Love Letters

When either my wife or I is not going to be there when the other gets home, we leave each other love notes. These notes tell the other where we are and when we’ll be back. It’s surprising how much my wife values my telling her where I am and when I’ll be back. Sometimes we stuff notes of appreciation in one another’s purse or wallet, under each other’s pillow in bed, on each other’s toothbrush, or just about any place you can think of. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant, long note but something like “Have I told you often enough how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate all you do? I need you, and I love you.” These go a very long way in cheering up our spouses.


God is so good to us, as many of us have mates that are often godly and serving. I know that I have taken my wife for granted at times, and for that I ask her forgiveness and God’s, too. Five of the most important words you could ever say to your spouse are “I’m sorry” and “Please forgive me.” Those five little words can do a tremendous amount of cheering up of your spouse, which should be the goal of every Christian marriage partner.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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