4 Ways To Simplify Your Life

4 ways to simplify your life

What are 4 ways that you can simplify your life?  Here are 4 suggestions for you.

Get up Earlier

Many people have significant issues in their life and say that they don’t have enough faith.  Did you know that you can get up an hour earlier every day and start your day off with Bible reading?  Want to increase your faith?  We know that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom 10:17) so the more you “hear” or really, read the Bible, the stronger your faith becomes. Besides, getting up earlier will stop all the frantic getting ready for school or work in the morning.

Prioritize your Life

For me, being a grandfather, I like to put the priorities where they belong. My family is my greatest and first priority on earth.  Of course I try to put God first and family second but I also must put the church, my friends, and my extended family after God and my own wife, children and grandchildren.  When you are laid to rest, what will people say about you?  They made a lot of money, they were rich, they had lots of things…or, they sure loved their family, they spent a lot of time with them, they really showed them they loved them.  Don’t find time for family, make time for them.

Clear the Clutter

I had a lot of clutter. My garage was full and so was my closet. I decided that if I don’t wear clothing in a year’s time, I’m never going to wear them so I gathered up a lot of clothes and donated them to a local shelter.  I didn’t give them clothes that were torn or soiled either because I don’t’ keep these. I make rags of them.  Throw out what you don’t use and give away what you don’t wear or use. Your closet and garage (or storage) will be easier to keep clean and to keep track of.

Learning to Say No

I finally learned the hard way.  Just say “No!”  I have too many irons in the fire already so know when to say no.  Know your limitations. Is it your pride or ego that doesn’t allow you to say no?  Saying no is one of the greatest things that you will ever learn to do to simplify your life.



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