5 Amazing Ways God Is Working Through You

Here are five amazing ways you might not even know how God is working through you.

Loving One Another

Jesus defined how we can identify who His disciples are. He tells us in John 13:35 that it is “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” They won’t know you by your ministries, your giving, your perfect Sunday school attendance, but they will only know you by your love for one another. The word, “By this,” is Jesus saying, “Here’s how people will know your My disciples,” so if we’re not loving one another, how will they ever recognize us as His disciples? The fact is, they may not.

Giving to Others

There are ways that God may be working through you and other believers that you’re not even aware of, like when you find yourself in a spot where you really need to buy a couple of new tires, but you can’t afford it right now. Then, your friend, who knows you better than most, steps in and offers to help pay for your tires. He knows you well enough to have seen your tires, because it’s connected to you. That happened to me. I thought about what I should do, so I just prayed and didn’t ask anyone for money. God answered that prayer and God was glorified in it, but the point is that God will often use you as a means to help others, just like my friend helped me.

Answered Prayer

Most of the Christians I know put themselves last in their prayer requests. They set a good example of putting other’s interests ahead of their own. That is a very Christ-like attribute, so if you are praying for your friend or co-worker or family member, then God is working in you by means of the throne room of heaven. That’s only possible because of our Mediator and our Intercessor, Jesus Christ. Don’t think prayers are “not much.” Tell that to Elijah.

A “go to” Friend

What I mean by that “go to” friend is that everyone should have a friend that they can go to when things get rough, but it’s also important that we be that kind of friend. Don’t have a friend? Find a friend and be a friend. Whoever is a friend can stick closer than a brother (Prov 18:24). Be that brother or sister who sticks closer than their own natural brothers and sisters. We do have the same Father.

Not Judging Others

I believe we don’t do a very good job when we begin to judge others because we might have something in our own eye. I have learned, over time, to give people the benefit of the doubt (1st Cor 13:7), and that has often turned out right. The times when I got in trouble are when I assumed the worst, and it was just the opposite. God can work through you by being a friend of sinners like Jesus was. I’m not saying run with them, but I am saying, be a light for Christ. This is even more important within the church. We have one judge; and we’re not Him.


God can do marvelous things through you, such as loving others; by giving to others; by praying for others; by befriending others; and by not judging others. Notice the theme here; it’s all about “others” and not about us. I like that.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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