5 Amazing Ways To Rekindle The Flame In Your Marriage

5 Amazing Ways To Rekindle The Flame In Your Marriage

Here are five great ways to rekindle the fire and heat up your marriage again.

A Second Honeymoon

I still remember the cabin my wife and I had on our honeymoon at. The facility had an indoor swimming pool with a basketball goal in the pool! My wife is a better shot than I am. Anyway, I think it’s great to have a second honeymoon and especially in the same place you had your first one. It rekindles old memories…and I believe it will rekindle your marriage. Some couples have never had a honeymoon at all, due to finances, so why not have one now?

Pamper One Another

Why not try to pamper your spouse for no special occasion. What I mean is, why not serve your wife or husband breakfast in bed? Why not bring her or him breakfast or at least, surprise them with one of their favorite meals for supper. You know what she or he likes so why not pamper them and give them a special treat…totally unexpected makes it twice as nice.

Compliment Your Spouse

I love to build up my spouse before others and I don’t have to stretch the truth either. She’s an amazing woman and I tell others that “I married up” and I mean it. I got the better deal, but my point is why not compliment your spouse, face to face, in front of the children, but also in front of others? Tell others that you’re wife or husband is a real treasure. Be specific when you compliment them. A good word goes a long, long way in rekindling a fading fire in a marriage. It really fans the flames.

Express Gratitude

Don’t you think your spouse deserves to hear “Thank you” once in a while? When my wife does something for me or someone in the family, I always try to tell her thank you. A person with an attitude of gratitude will reach a higher altitude in their marriage if they simply remember to say, “Thank you!”

Be Spontaneous

I love spontaneity or doing things on the spur of the moment. It’s fun to do the unexpected and to let creativity guide you in surprising your wife or husband. We can do things that they least expect and that makes it even more fun…especially things like coming home with flowers (for her) or with B-B-Q ribs for him…or whatever it is you know they like Don’t always be predictable…throw some fun into your marriage and be spontaneous.


Marriages take a lot of work and it’s never about what you can get out of marriage but what you can put into marriage, so why not have a second honeymoon, pamper your spouse, compliment him or her before others, express thankfulness and gratitude, and be spontaneous. These should help you rekindle that flame in your marriage, or at least, stir up the embers to create some sparks.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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