5 Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Life

5 Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Life

For a life-transforming experience, take a look at some key Biblical principles that are out of this world.


You Reap What You Sow

Believe it or not, everything you do creates a ripple effect. The seeds you plant can either spring up into life, or lead to destruction. If you frequently back out of your promises, take things that don’t belong to you, insult others, lie or cheat, you are sowing bad seeds. Bad seeds can destroy the good things in your life such as your relationships. That’s why the Bible admonishes us to sow good seeds unto righteousness, through your kind words and good deeds. In doing so, your life will be used to be a blessing to others.

Scatter and Increase

The Bible is loaded with passages about giving and this one is no exception. In Proverbs 11:24, we are told that when we give to others freely, we will increase. On the other hand, the one that “withholdeth more than is meet tendeth to poverty.” The idea is that when we give to those that have need, the Lord restores it back double-fold. These blessings may come in the form of finances, health, strength, security, peace and prosperity. However, the basis for why we give should not be with the hopes of gaining a reward, but out of love for our Father.

Wisdom is More Precious than Gold

Do you want to be wise? In the book of Proverbs, we find many good principles that can benefit us. Proverbs 8:11 is one that talks about the importance of possessing wisdom. The wisdom spoken of here can’t be found in a high-ranking institution, degree, or even position. Divine wisdom begins by sitting at Jesus’ feet. (Proverbs 9:10, Psalm 111:10) Above any earthly possession, our character is what matters most in all of Heaven. Plus, it is one treasure that won’t cost you a dime to keep.

Love your Enemies

As humans, we tend to be fairly good at loving the people that love us. But Christ’s model of love goes a whole extra ten yards. In Matthew 5:44, Christ tells us to “bless them that curse you… [and] do good to them that hate you…” Imagine how different our world would be if we followed after this wise counsel. By speaking these words, Christ was seeking to work a transformation in the hearts of its hearers. He longs to do the same today. The love Christ describes here is possible only by His strength. This is the only way we can ever learn what it means to love people everywhere, no matter what wrongs they have done to us.

Humble Yourself and You will be Exalted

God’s word plainly reveals to us that the key to greatness is humility. (James 4:10) When the Lord ordains us for a great task, He first requires us to humble ourselves and submit to the calling. And with the calling comes great responsibility. Ultimately, you are God’s vessel to carry out His greater purpose, which is to save lives. For example, think of Esther who was called to royalty to save her people (Esther 4:14), and Joseph who was promoted by God in order to save Egypt and the surrounding nations from the upcoming famine. (Genesis 41:46-57) Oftentimes, we lust after grand positions but fail to seek Christ for the character that is needed to keep us there.

This is why it becomes especially important that before seeking anything in life, we first ask God to prepare us for whatever lies ahead and request that His spirit sustain us. As well, let the Lord exalt you when He says so. Remember, you’re on His watch.

Have a blessed day,

Alexandra Yeboah

Alexandra Yeboah is a freelance writer living in Toronto, Ontario. She founded and regularly blogs for speakthewords.com; a ministry that features testimonies and Bible-based articles.

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