5 Christian Athletes To Watch and Root For In March Madness

5 Christian Athletes To Watch and Root For In March Madness

There are so many Christian athletes to watch but who can we be watching during March Madness who are Christian basketball players?


Perry Ellis

Junior Perry Ellis of the Kansas Jayhawks is a low key, soft spoken forward who does most of his talking, not to reporters, but to God. He credits God with any gifts on the court that he has. He has never been a showboat type of player but a Christian athlete who will always give credit to the coaches and players on his team but most of all He credits God. It’s not about X’s and O’s but about God. Named to the Academic All-Big 12 Team is an honor but that is not the most important thing to Him…God is and expect to this man carry himself in a way in the 2015 NCAA tournament that honors God.

Aaron and Andrew Harrison

Aaron and Andrew Harrison are brothers in more ways than just biological. These two brothers play for the Kentucky Wildcats, the overwhelming favorite to win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in 2015. Aaron saved his brother Andrew with the game on the line in the 2014 tournament when Andrew missed a wide open three-point attempt so with only seconds left, Aaron entered the game and hit his only three-point shot of the game and beat Wisconsin in the Final Four. Andrew’s thought was “thank God for brothers that save us.” Expect these brothers to take Kentucky deep into the tournament, if not all the way to the championship.

Traevon Jackson

Travevon Jackson of the Wisconsin Badgers is expected to go far in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this year and he’s one of the main reasons. After just missing a three-pointer to beat Kentucky in the 2014 Final Four he spent his summer (of 2014) refocusing his mind and most importantly he says “coming back to God.” He watched a documentary on his friend, former Michigan All-American Trey Burke, who said how he was really playing for God. That stuck in Traevon’s mind and changed his whole life. Now everything in his life is about doing it for the kingdom of God. You can expect Traevon Jackson, Wisconsin’s spiritual leader, to help his Badgers make a deep run in the 2015 March Madness run in the NCAA Tournament.

Javon Bess

Freshman forward Javon Bess of the Michigan State Spartans has a similar philosophy to that of Traevon Jackson and he similarly trained at Anthony Rhodman’s “In God’s Image” camp who like other athletes in this extraordinary program, trained in an intense discipline in studies of the Bible and in studies of their physical and mental boundaries which are both intended to be for the glory of God. He went into the program a young man but came out a man of God with unlimited possibilities who’ll probably play for the NBA someday. If Michigan State goes far in the tournament, it will have much to do with Javon Bess.


Watch these five young Christian athletes, Perry Ellis, Aaron and Andre Harrison, Traevon Jackson, and Javon Bess and see if you can discern any difference between them and the rest of the players. If you can, that is Christ that you are likely seeing in them and of course, to Him belongs all of the glory. Amen?

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman


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