5 Important Qualities Of A Christian Mother

What are five important qualities of a Christian mother?

An Unconditional Love

I think most mothers naturally love their children in an unconditional way. I can think of prisoners who have had their mother faithful pray for them, write them, and send them some money, sometimes for decades, and never, even think about giving up on their son or daughter. A godly, Christian mother will love their child at all times, no matter what they do, because the love of their child isn’t dependent upon circumstances.

Sacrificial Life

There is no one in the home who works harder than mom does, generally speaking, but a believing mother even has a greater purpose for working hard because she knows that these are not really her children, but God’s. Christian mothers (like many unsaved mothers) sacrifice their time, the sweat of their brow, their overnight sleep, and put the interests of their child ahead of their own. The mother that would rather sleep makes a choice and chooses to take care of their child, hopefully with dad relieving her from time to time. She can choose to skip a bath night and instead, watch one of her favorite TV shows, but we already know what moms going to do, don’t we? That’s a mark of a godly, Christian mother.

Compassion and Care

When a child breaks a rule and gets hurt, mom will still want to care for that child. Regardless of whether they’re good or they disobey, they know that that mom is usually the chief “sore kisser.” In other words, the child naturally runs to their mother when they get hurt. They know she’ll wipe away their tears and give them compassion and caring heart in fixing their “boo boo.” Children always know mom will give them some tender, loving care. No Band Aid can do what a mother’s kiss can do, and that’s to kiss away the “Ouchy” and wipe away their tears.

Prayer Warrior

If a mother isn’t praying for her children every day, she ought to be (as well as the father). If you could ask some of the prisoners I work with if they cherished and valued their mother’s prayers, they’d look at you like you’re crazy. Of course they cherish their mother’s prayers, and many believe that because their mom prays for them, they are surviving in a place where many have no hope. Even though some of these men have trusted in Christ, there will never be a day when they won’t need their mother.

Their Child’s Counselor

A godly, Christian mother is one who will seek the best for her child but allow the child to choose things that they would like to be when they grow up. Mothers often have the wisdom to allow a child the freedom to choose what they want to do or to be, and not pressure them into being something that the mother wants them to do for a living. Neither I nor my wife has ever tried to talk our children into doing something that we wanted them to do. They probably would have been miserable anyway, so a good, Christian mother typically allows their child a bit of freedom in seeking what they want to do, even while they are figuring out who they are.


I am reminded of the time when two mothers came to King Solomon trying to claim a child was their own, so what does Solomon do? He tests who has the greatest love for that child by telling them to divide the child and give each woman half. When the real mother cried out to let the other woman have the child, she proved to Solomon that she was indeed the real mother. A godly mother is a gift to their children, so be thankful, even as I am today for my mother who taught me the things of God (Deut 6:7, 11:19). Moms really don’t have eight arms and only need 5-6 hours of sleep a night. It just seems that way because they live that way. One of the greatest blessings there are is to have a godly mother.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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