5 Little Habits Connected Couples Do

Here are five little habits that couples do to keep connected to one another.

Date Nights

What a great idea for couples to stay connected. Find a babysitter and then go out on a date night, just the two of you. This is a great way to keep couples intimately connected because they can get away and find time for each other. They value their marriage enough to make sure and keep doing what they did before they were married, and that’s dating. You never outgrow the need to have a date…even if it’s with your spouse.

Not Holding Grudges

An older man who was holding his wife’s hand in the airport intrigued a friend of mine who asked them how long they had been married and the man said, 63 years. He asked him, “What’s the secret to your long marriage” to which the wife said, “Learn to forgive.” She said they don’t hold grudges. When one of them does something wrong, they quickly confess it to their partner and ask for forgiveness. The other spouse accepts their apology and they move on. They don’t dwell on things that are in the past.


Who doesn’t need a hug once in a while? We are all made for relationship, so couples should find time to snuggle together and to show each other affection when the rest of the week doesn’t allow much time for this. We need one another and we need to be loved as much as need to give love, so take time to wrap up with one another and snuggle together so that you might stay more intimately connected.

Be a Listener

When someone is talking to you and their eyes wander off to something or someone else, we might feel a little slighted. We should give everyone we talk to our full attention, including eye contact, but for couples, this is even more important. We need to be good listeners…and not listen while watching TV. Give your spouse your undivided attention to show them that what they say matters.

Laugh Together

This almost sounds too simple, but there’s something special about laughing together and even laughing at ourselves. When we take life too seriously, we take the fun out of it, but when we find time to laugh together, we are bonding in ways that we can’t even explain. It is true…he who laughs last….lasts! In other words, scientists say that people who have a good sense of humor, even learning to laugh at themselves, live long, happier lives. How much more so with couples!


Being married is a lot like living in California. If you find a fault, don’t dwell on it. In other words, we all have faults; we simply have to accept them as they accept our faults. When couples realize that they’re both sinners and imperfect, it makes it a lot easier to ask for forgiveness and move on. They don’t trip over what’s behind them.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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