5 Prayers Every Mother Should Pray

Here are five prayers every mother could use.

Their Child’s Protection

Naturally, when we are not with our children, we are concerned for their welfare, so a good prayer should include the request for God’s protection of their child and that God would keep them from harm in the many different places and things they will do in school, including on the way to and on the way from school. All of the mothers that I know of already do this!

The Child’s Teacher

Also, a mother should pray for their child to learn and grow in the things that they will need to know and pray that they absorb those things that are most important that the teacher is trying to stress, but also pray specifically for their teacher that they would be able to help facilitate the child’s learning by giving them the wisdom with patience they will need, because sometimes, the classroom is a less than perfect learning environment. Teachers do so very much these days. Sometimes their day stretches into the night, and because of school funding cuts they have larger classes, and have to do much more with much less, so pray for the teacher’s strength and for their welfare.

The Child’s Friends

Certainly, we can be influenced by friends, and children are no different. Pray that they make friends with those who won’t lead them into trouble. They will be most influenced by those they become friends with, at least outside of their parents. Remind them ahead of time to be careful with whom they become friends with, and tell them if their friend is always getting them into trouble, then they’re not really their friend at all.

Their Child’s Respect

Pray that the child shows respect for the teachers and administrators (principles, counselors, substitutes) while in school, and to not gossip or talk about them negatively before others. Remind them of how that would feel to know someone’s gossiping and saying cruel things about you? Remind them that words hurt, and they should respect those in authority, but also their fellow students.

The Child’s Mother

Of course, by meaning, “the child’s mother,” I mean, the mother should certainly pray for herself because much of the care and nurturing of children typically falls on their shoulders. The mother is also their child’s first and most important teacher in the early years. If you’re a mother, pray for God to give you wisdom and discernment about your child (ren) and to notice things like a change in their behavior, which could indicate something’s wrong. It’s in the child’s best interest for the mother to pray for herself because what’s good for her is usually good for the child.


If you can think of some other suggestions, please, by all means, leave your comments so that we can add to our ideas for which mothers’ can pray for. I need all the help I can get in things to pray for. What about you? Today it is more important to pray for our children and grandchildren than ever before, and this includes foster children, because they are still your children too. Don’t forget them.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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