5 Reasons Sex Within A Marriage Is The Best Sex You Will Ever Have

5 Reasons Sex Within A Marriage Is The Best Sex You Will Ever Have

Here are five good reasons that sex within marriage is the best you will ever have.

Greater Intimacy

Having sex within marriage creates such a strong bond…and a level of intimacy not found among other human relationships. Sex within marriage allows us to be ourselves and let our guard down. It not only strengthens a marriage, it creates a great intimacy level that solidifies the relationship even more. They say that sex starts in the kitchen and that may be true because of how we talk, treat, and touch our spouse. These tender moments can make sex better, when the time comes, or make it worse if there’s no intimacy between the times you’re having sex. Couples who have sex regularly frequently have greater levels of intimacy and that will strengthen any marriage.

Holy before God

The author of Hebrews wrote “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous” (Heb 13:4). These are the only two choices about having sex; one is God-honoring and the other will bring God’s judgment. According to the Bible, marriage is between one man and one woman and sex must always remain within the confines of marriage or, as we have read, there are serious consequences for having sex outside of marriage or before marriage.

God’s Very Best

When God created marriage, He knew what He was doing because He created the ability to have sex in men and women. God wanted us to enjoy these experiences, but only within the confines of marriage. When we abstain from sex before marriage and certainly, outside of marriage, our marriage is just how God designed it to be and it comes with God’s blessing. There are serious consequences of having sex outside of marriage (1 Cor 6) and even though God forgives, there may be unwanted consequences such as diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Having sex outside of marriage is not only sin but serious sin and it can wreck a marriage in just a short time.

Love and Sex

I remember a man who admitted that he pressured his girlfriend into having sex with him and told the grievous lie that “If you loved me, you’d do it,” but the truth is, if he loved her, he’d have waited until they were married. Too often, men have put pressure on their girlfriends to have sex with them, only to regret it later…and it changed their relationship, permanently. Their relationship had lost its glitter…and now sex seemed “dirty,” even after they were married. Save yourself and you’ll get the very best.

Stress Buster

Most people overlook the fact that sex is a powerful stress reducer and it also increases a person’s resistance to heart attacks, disease, high blood pressure, along with many other benefits. There is nothing like sex within marriage. It is as good as it gets. All other sex outside of marriage carries with it guilt, regret, remorse, and maybe even some undesirable things like disease or getting someone pregnant who’s not your wife.


If you’re married, then you already have access to the one of the greatest physical relationships there are; sex, however, if you’re not married, you’re playing with fire if you have sex before marriage. If you think its okay, then what makes you think your spouse will think it’s no problem to have sex outside of marriage? God created sex for couples to enjoy…but only inside the marriage relationship. For all others, God has reserved His righteous judgment. You already know what’s best, don’t you.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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