5 Self Examination Questions For The Christian Dad

5 Self Examination Questions For The Christian Dad

Here are 5 self-examination questions for the Christian dad to ask himself. What ones would you include?

How Often do I Pray for my Children?

I sometimes ask myself: “What is the amount of time that I spend praying for my children?” This is a very convicting question because I know I fall way short of how much time I should be spending in prayer. I’m throwing myself under the bus on this one…I need to be praying daily and consistently for my children.

How Much Time do you Listen?

Again, I plead guilty to this…do I spend enough time just listening to my children? Do I try to not interrupt them when they are speaking? I need to not just hear what they are saying but to listen to what they are trying to tell me. Everybody listens but do we really hear what they are saying?

How Much Do I Compliment Them?

I grew up never hearing any praise or compliments, only complaints and harsh words so I wanted to break that cycle. I try to be complimenting my children frequently and be very specific like on their report card, the way they cleaned their room, or whatever I think of and not just flatter them…doing it in all sincerity. They can spot phony praise a mile away.

Do I put God First?

I think children actually love it when dads put God first. Despite what you may think, if dads will put God first that means that they’ll be a better dad. If God is that “third cord” in the home, then the children will be the beneficiaries in the short term and in the long run. That’s because two Christian parents are good but when God is that “threefold cord” the cord “is not quickly broken” (Ecl 4:12).

Do I Love Their Mother?

I know this might not seem to fit but even if your children cover their eyes and look away when you kiss and hug their mother, inwardly that makes them feel secure. They believe that if you love their mother in a profound and meaningful way, then they’ll feel like the home has a more sure foundation. When some of their friends homes might seem to be falling apart, loving their mother seems like the glue that will hold it together. Loving their mother is really loving them.   Am I showing genuine affection toward their mother? Am I complimentary and thankful to her in words and in action?

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman


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