5 Signs Your Spouse Is Your Best Friend

Here are five clear signs that your spouse might also be your best friend.

Quick to Forgive

One older couple sat in the airport quietly waiting for their flight, so a young man who had just been married went up to the couple who were holding hands and asked them, “How long have you been married?” to which they said, 62 years, so he asked them, “What’s the secret to your long marriage?” to which the man stopped and thought for a moment, but his wife answered quickly, saying, “Forgive one another.” Wow! That seems so simple, yet so profound. Aren’t you quick to forgive your best friend when they apologize? How much more so for your spouse?

Talk About Anything or Nothing

A best friend is someone who you can take a long trip with and not be worried about “awkward silences” or you can talk with them for the entire 4 hour trip. The point is, your spouse is your best friend when you can sit comfortably and say nothing or sit there and say anything. Just like your best friend, you don’t have to worry about entertaining them, but can just be yourself. Those are friends who know each other well enough to not have to force conversation. That’s a great sign your spouse also happens to be your best friend.

Being with Them

If you’d rather sit at home with your spouse and spend a quite evening with them watching a movie, rather than be with your friends, then your spouse is clearly your best friend. In fact, I became best friends with my wife and then I married her. It’s what couples do all the time…they become friends and then marry their best friend. If you’d rather be at home with your spouse than out with your friends, then clearly, your spouse must be your best friend.

Sharing Everything

I value my friends. I have a very close, personal friend who I share things with that I don’t anyone else, but my wife even more so. I tell her things that I wouldn’t tell anyone else on the planet. That’s because I can trust her. She doesn’t repeat things to other people or to my mother-in-law. We can share the happy times and the times when we’re sad. We share the good and the bad…just like best friends do.

Knowing their Thoughts

I have had a few occasions where my wife knew what I was thinking because she knows me well enough that she can even finish my sentences. When your spouse knows your preferences, what you like and don’t like, and what you might do in a given situation, then your spouse is also your best friend. I can sometimes know what she’s thinking (not always of course) and she can sometimes know what I’m thinking…that’s what best friends do, but the difference is, I married mine.


If you and your spouse are happy to do anything together or simply do nothing together, then that’s a solid sign you’ve married your best friend, but couples who consider their spouse their best friend also are quick to forgive, are comfortable talking about anything or nothing, would rather be with them than their friends, and they share everything, good and bad, happy and sad, and knows your likes and dislikes almost as well as you do.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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