5 Types of Women That Christian Men Should Avoid

Here are five types of women that Christian men should avoid.

Not Interested in God

If you are considering dating a woman and you’re a Christian man, then a red flag should come up if the women you’re considering dating is not interested in God. Don’t think that once you’re married, this will solve the problem and they’ll start to love the things of God. If they’re not interested in God now, they may be even less interested after marriage. It’s not good to date someone who could care less about the things of God.

Hates Children and Pets

You’ve probably heard that children can see right through hypocrisy but some believe that pets can do the same thing, but the point is that Christian men should avoid women who do not like to be around children and don’t even like animals. What this says about that person’s heart is that they have little regard for children and animals, so they would likely have little regard for you or anything else that is not about them. Who doesn’t love children? They are so precious. What person doesn’t like animals or pets? Aren’t they also very special? Someone who doesn’t like children or pets is a person that Christian men should avoid.

The Controller

When I was in high school, I dated a girl that wanted to control everything. That included where we went, who we visited with, what movies we watched, and who my friends were. I felt strangled or as if I was tied up. I wasn’t allowed to even do the things that I wanted to do because it was always about what she wanted to do. I thought, this is not fun, and even though she was pretty, I thought beauty is not enough to sustain such a relationship, so if I can’t have at least some input, then I’d always be miserable. A controlling woman like this is not going to work out for the Christian man or for any man.

The Addict

Of course, women should avoid dating men who are having trouble with substance abuse, but men should also avoid women who are battling addictions and have problems with alcohol or other legal or illegal substances. All too often I’ve read about someone marrying a person with addictions in the belief that it’d be better after they married and their addictions would be ended, but in reality, it only got worse, so Christian men should avoid women with addictions or substance abuse problems, but of course, neither should women date men with such issues.

The Self-Centered

Whoever marries a person that is only concerned about themselves is headed for heartbreak because a marriage should be give-and-take between the couples and they should be thinking about others more than their own self-interests. It would be a tragic mistake to marry someone that is wrapped up in themselves because marriage is not a “get-what-you-can” relationship but a relationship of giving and receiving.


I have already written a devotional about five types of men that Christian women should avoid, so it’s only fair to do one for the men, but certainly Christian men should avoid women who are not interested in the things of God, women who don’t like children or pets, women who are very controlling, women who having addiction or substance abuse problems, and finally, Christian men should avoid women who only think about themselves. Of course, the same thing goes for Christian women and men with these issues.

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Wellman

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