5 Of The Most Famous Christians Still Alive Today

Here are five of the most famous Christians still living today.

Bob Dylan

Bod Dylan, known as Robert Allen Zimmerman, became a Christian in the late 70’s and released two gospel oriented albums proving this; Slow Train Coming and Saved. These two albums have clear references to the gospel and to salvation, but also to Jesus Christ, so obviously Bob Dylan is not ashamed to confess Christ before men, and he’s not ashamed of the gospel, since his latest works declared the goodness of God.

Billy Graham

Has there been anyone who’s been more influential in Christianity that’s still alive today than Billy Graham? I can’t think of any that come near to what he has done in his life. Now, nearing a century old, he is still considered among the greatest evangelists over the last 100 years. He has preached to multiple millions over his lifetime, from Russia, Europe, and in fact, every continent on the globe. He also supported Martin Luther King Jr’s civil rights movement of the 1960’s which had a profound impact on the American culture.

Denzell Washington

Denzell Washington is one of the most famous American actors in the world, but he is also considered one of the most well-known Christians in Hollywood too. A recent Barna study revealed that Washington is better known and better loved than any other living American religious figure today. He is, far and away, the best known Hollywood actor that is also Christian. As the son of a Pentecostal minister, he once reportedly donated $2.5 million to his church, the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, but he’s also spent much of his wealth helping those who live in poverty.

Ralph Winter

Ralph Winter is one of the best known Hollywood directors, having directed the “X-Men” trilogy, The Fantastic Four,” and even the Christian themed, “Left Behind,” but he is also among the most visible Christians in the movie business. He once said in an interview that was just trying to make great movies and keep His eyes on God. He humbly said that He doesn’t deserve any praise because it’s definitely all by God’s hand that he gets to do this.

Philip Anschutz

How does a multibillionaire, Philip Anschutz, become such a powerful figure in the movie industry while still being a Christian? How about funding such iconic movies as “the Chronicles of Narnia?” Because He believes in being on a mission for God, he bankrolled the production of Narnia, which was directly targeting Christians, but was pleasantly surprised that even non-Christians flocked to see the movie and now buy or rent the DVD.


You don’t have to be famous to be a Christian, and in fact, the vast majority of Christians will never be known to the world, but that’s okay. As long as God knows, and He does, that’s all we need to know. God doesn’t call many of the so-called “great people” of the earth, but He calls the lowly, the humble, the meek, and those who the world despises, and He does this so that none of us should ever boast, but boast only of God for His goodness to us.

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