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Would You Stand Up Against Bullying?

Would You Stand Up Against Bullying

There was a hidden camera used to determine which adults would help take a stand against bullying. Would you have been one of them?

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This “I Love Lucy” Star Shares an Amazing Christian Testimony

This "I Love Lucy" Star Shares An Amazing Christian Testimony

When Keith Thibodeaux was cast as Little Ricky on the classic sitcom “I Love Lucy,” life was great. When his own family broke apart, Keith’s search for direction led him through darkness, but prayer would bring him back into the light.

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Be Inspired by 7-year-old Rhema’s Performance of “Amazing Grace”

7 Year Old Rhema’s Performance of Amazing Grace

This 7-year-old girl’s voice will give you goosebumps. “Amazing Grace” is the most popular Christian song of all time. Deep in our hearts, we all realize we do not deserve God’s grace, yet he extends it to us anyway. This is truly amazing! Praise God today and share this video to pass on the message of grace!

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