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FIVE: Guardians of David

Guardians of David

Find TRUE Heroism through self-sacrifice, concern for others & pursuing faith. Experience the story and struggle of King David in, FIVE: Guardians of David.

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This Marine Fighter Pilot Was Hooked on Porn. Then God Stepped In.

This Marine Fighter Pilot Was Hooked on Porn, Then God Stepped In

Ted Roberts was a fighter pilot with the U.S. Marines and served in Vietnam, but he also struggled with pornography. Influenced by his wife’s faith in God, Ted surrendered his life to Christ and began a process to renew his mind from pornography. It took him 3-1/2 years. Over the past 30 years, he’s helped thousands of men find freedom ...

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The Robertsons Share Their Favorite Bible Verses

The Robertson's Share Their Favorite Bible Verses

I always like to hear the favorite Bible verses of others and how God uses these verses in their lives. Listen to Jase Robertson and his family share how God is using certain Scriptures to speak to their lives right now.

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