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Corey has been using the internet as a medium to spread inspiration to other Christians and fulfill the great commission through his co-ownership of and ownership of  Now he, his wife, and daughter are headed on a journey that will be unfamiliar to all of them.

Q: So what are you doing?

Corey:  We are helping launch a church in Kenosha, WI, which is a city of 100 thousand people with only a minority attending a church regularly. We want those people to hear the good news as well, and have a community to belong to, even if they do not believe yet.

Emily (my wife) has a big role. She will be heading up the kids department. That’s a huge responsibility, but one that I know she is fully capable and qualified for. That is going to be the best Kids department in all of Wisconsin 🙂

Here she is (on the left) so excited about the DayBreak Kids banner that just came in a couple days ago.


DB kids

Q: What led you to Kenosha?

Corey: We moved to Kenosha in April of 2013, leaving great friends and an amazing church in Chicago. Although at the time my wife and I said it was because we hated the traffic and the general life of living in a big city (nothing against it, just not for us), I now know it was God urging us to move, but in a way that we were able to hear him at the time. He had plans for us that we were not aware of yet.

Kenosha was perfect for us because it’s far enough from the big city to not feel the effects of the traffic (and high taxes!) but close enough for me to stay at my job. But we knew no one, and had to start searching for a church.

We never felt that any of the churches in the area were right for us. Many had great qualities but none of them felt just right. Then in early 2014, we met Brit and Stacie Windeland they told us about a church they were getting ready to launch and that they were looking for people to join the launch team. When they told us their vision for the church, it was exactly what we were looking for and within 2 days we committed to joining the launch team.


Q: Can you tell us a little more about the church?

Corey: Sure.  Although a church is infinitely more than just a mission or vision statement, it helps give you an idea of the church’s commitments in an easy way:

“DayBreak Church exists to share the Story of God with people so people can belong to the Story of God.”

DayBreak Church’s values can be summed up in a simple acronym of RISE:

  • Radical Hospitality – Our guests are extremely important to us. Let them know it, even as they walk in the door.
  • Intentional Community – Create a true community within the church, of people that do more than just see each other for an hour on Sunday. Be a family!
  • Sacrificial Simplicity – Reduce the “wants” in your life, so others can have the “needs” in theirs. And reduce to the point where you feel the impact in your life, not just out of your abundance.
  • Extravagant Generosity – Go above and beyond the “norm” of giving. Give more than feels comfortable.


Q: How can people help?

Corey: There are 3 ways you can help:

  • Join – If you live near us and are interested in joining the team, contact me thru the contact us page
  • Invest – Launching a church takes not only time, but money. You can learn more about investing in the DayBreak Church in the video below, or go here.
  • Pray – Prayer is impactful.

Here is a short video, from our pastor, about how you can help. And learn about Mike, Leslie, and Dean (amazing stories of the impact the church has already had in their lives, and we have not even had a service yet).

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