My Favorite Bible to Put in a Tweens Easter Basket

Written by Julie McConnell
Is it crazy to anyone else that it’s March? That bunnies, chicks, and bright colored eggs are decorating every store you walk into? I’m not sure what happened to February, but here we are. Easter is less than a month away. And every year, the question that comes to my mind is what can I put in the Easter baskets other than candy? What can I do that reminds my girls WHY we celebrate Easter? What can I do that will not only remind them on Easter, but throughout the year? This year, among the brightly colored eggs, I think I will also a brightly colored NIV Kids Quiz Bible!

Trivia Nation

We are a trivia nation. Seriously, there’s trivia everywhere you look. Trivia games are huge. There’s a trivia game out there for pretty much everything. Star Wars trivia, trivia over many different TV shows, pop culture trivia, science trivia, animal trivia….the list goes on and on. Trivia games come in board game format, at home DVD game format, and are on T.V. (who doesn’t have the Jeopardy song running through their heads for days after watching an episode?) There’s trivia night at restaurants, trivia as a radio contest, trivia on talk shows. It’s everywhere. And it’s fun! Many of us are competitive by nature, so it’s definitely fun to try to get the right answer and impress your friends and family with your vast knowledge of all things (fill in the blank). So a trivia Bible like Zonderkidz’s NIV Kids Quiz Bible is genius!

Now, I may be a little biased to the whole Quiz Bible idea. I’m a proud Indy First Nazarene quiz team alumni! If you grew up in church like I did, you’re probably well aware of Bible quizzing. If you didn’t participate, you still likely spent time in Sunday School doing “sword drills” (a race to see who could look up a Bible verse fastest for those unaware), and answering Bible trivia questions. In my Nazarene church, quizzing was a big part of childhood. Each year, we studied a different book of the Bible, and then had quiz meets against other churches, where we would answer questions by showing the cardboard number we believed was associated with the correct answer. So when I was at home, I spent a lot of time memorizing scripture and going through practice questions. I’m not sure if church quiz teams are still a thing (there’s not one at my current church), but I do know that we are definitely a nation of trivia lovers. Which is why I love Zonderkidz’s NIV Kids Quiz Bible! It combines the Word of God with the entertainment aspect of trivia, which actually teaches our kids the Word of God more! We all know that there’s a lot vying for the attention of our kids, and sometimes learning God’s word gets pushed to the side. Often because of our busy lives, but often because there are things our kids deem more fun than reading their Bible. Zonderkidz is working to change that, with the NIV Kids Quiz Bible, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The Quiz Bible Broken Down

The NIV Kids Quiz Bible, published by Zonderkidz, is geared towards kids ages 8-12, but I definitely think older kids, and even adults, can enjoy it too. Every page of the Bible has quiz questions on it, with over 1,000 questions in all. Talk about a lengthy game of trivia! It highlights important facts and verses in the Bible, to both teach your kids and keep them engaged throughout their reading. Since there are answers to find on EVERY page, the entire Bible becomes fun! Of course this Bible contains the complete text of the New International Version, but it also contains introductions to each book of the Bible! I really like this addition, because it highlights important facts from the book that you’re about to start reading, to engage you in what’s coming up.

A Great Opportunity for Teaching God’s Word

Ok, so the NIV Kids Quiz Bible seems like a great idea, right? You’re thinking you’ll stick it on that Christmas list you keep in your phone throughout the year so that you have ideas for the grandparents. I thought that too, at first. But then I thought, why would I wait? Easter is right around the corner! And let’s be honest, my kids will get plenty of candy from their grandparents and the church Easter egg hunts. So what about giving them something that reminds them what Easter is all about? Something that can create dinner time fun for the whole family? (I’m thinking we will read aloud a page or section of the Bible, and then see who can answer the questions quickest!) I mean, go ahead and get a Cadbury egg and some Peeps, but get the NIV Kids Quiz Bible too! Show your kids that it’s fun to learn God’s word, and help them to hide it in their hearts now, while they are young. It will serve them very, very well in the years to come.


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Julie McConnell

Julie is a life-long Hoosier, wife, and mother of two. When she is not working in her pharmacy, she spends her time with her husband and daughters in Indianapolis. She is a member of Geist Christian Church and enjoys playing outside with her girls, finding fun things to do in Indy, watching football, and reading bedtime stories.


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