Rapper Sevin Talks About Being a Missionary and Being Homeless

Rapper Sevin Talks about Being a Missionary and Being Homeless

Why would anyone choose to be homeless?

The gospel rapper known as Sevin lived homeless for 13 years. He was part of a gang and lived for drugs and alcohol. Through God renewing his heart and his mind, he was finally able to get off the drugs, renounce his old sinful ways, and allow God to bless him with a new life.

Sevin asserts that God wanted to show him–and wants to show every person–that there is a better side of life. You don’t have to rob, steal, and kill to get what you want. Sevin experienced this blessing of God firsthand. Once he sobered up and started getting his life in line with God’s Word, Sevin was able to live in a nice home and have a good career in music.

But Sevin says that when he came home from a tour last year, God told him to give his keys back to the landlord and go live on the streets again.

Sevin admits that was a harsh message. Live homeless again? After he’d become so comfortable with his more domesticated lifestyle? But he quickly realized that the streets was where he needed to be.

“I’m a missionary,” he says. “I ain’t no rapper. I’m a missionary that raps sometimes.”

The streets and the hood are where he is most effective, Sevin says. The youth on the streets need the message of God shared with them in a way they can understand and given to them in a way they can use. A lot of gospel rappers have a good message but aren’t reaching the people who need it most. “The streets need this thing,” he says.

“If this is what the King needs, this is what I want to be,” Sevin says of his newly homeless lifestyle. He gave up his comfortable life, sold all of his stuff, and has been living on the road for over a year. “However long He wants me out here, I’m committed to it.”

This urban missionary who raps is taking the love of God not to churches and clean neighborhoods but to the rough streets of the hood. Once again, he calls the streets his home. But this time he’s here to show those who are living the way he once did that there is truly a better life out there.

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