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Be Inspired by 7-year-old Rhema’s Performance of “Amazing Grace”

7 Year Old Rhema’s Performance of Amazing Grace

This 7-year-old girl’s voice will give you goosebumps. “Amazing Grace” is the most popular Christian song of all time. Deep in our hearts, we all realize we do not deserve God’s grace, yet he extends it to us anyway. This is truly amazing! Praise God today and share this video to pass on the message of grace!

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A True Picture of a Rich Life, This Video Will Bring You to Tears

A True Picture Of A Rich Life

This video will bring to life the words of Jesus when He proclaimed it is better to give than receive. What a great reminder to the rewards that come  from serving others.  More than ever, this video needs to be shared with others to inspire them in their daily walk with Christ. I needed this reminder today, and I hope you ...

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