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4 Ways I See History Repeating Itself In The World Today

4 Ways I See History Repeating Itself in the World Today

Does history repeat itself? I believe it does and I hope to show you 4 ways to prove it. Failing to Learn from History When Hitler rose to power, the power corrupted him as they say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. One of the earliest lessons from history he learned was that every time Germany fought a two-front war they lost so Hitler determined to never fight a two-front war. Apparently, he forgot this lesson and started a two-front war; one against the Allies and the other against Russia. By failing to learn from history, Hitler repeated it (fortunately for our sake). Many people have a strong hunger for a world leader today but the risk is the worse the economy gets, the more desperate the people become in choosing a leader. It has happened before and it can happen again...

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